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Jeremiah 29:11(NIV)




Homemade fresh cookies. Made from scratch with ingredients found in most kitchen. No junk nothing! Please make sure you specify size and flavor when ordering. If not, I'll surprise you :) ALL cookies are made fresh to order, and can be purchased year round and at the shows. I'm working on removing all wheat products from my cookies, and adding beneficial oils and plants that will help our beloved furbabies be healthy. I use carob, which is a SAFE chocolate alternative for dogs. I do NOT use xylitol or maltodextrin in ANY of my pet food, as those are POISON for dogs/cats. (be aware, read the labels folks!)

Flavors are:

  • Just PnutButter (flour less)
  • Pnut Butter Lover
  • Pnut Butter Lover Supreme (double decker with pnut butter smooshed in between)
  • Fall Harvest Biscotti (wheat free) (available usually in the fall only, but special orders welcome)
  • Pumpikin Spice (once pumpkins are available)
  • Cheese Dogs
  • Liver Dreams
  • Dehydrated Liver.


Price per bag is $4.50 


Bags are sold by weight, number of cookies will vary slightly—75-80g ; (45g for the dehydrated liver)


Sizes available:


Training Treats (perfect for tiny/small dogs)


Small—(approx 24-30 pcs)


Medium—(approx 15-20 pcs)


Large/Supreme cookies—(approx 8-10 pcs)

What size cookies would you like?

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