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Key minders and Kids' Key fobs

$3.50 $5.00

These are very handy to have "hanging around" when your hands are full of groceries, or you just plain want to get in the house as Mr. black bear coming towards you does not look happy (jk jk). I have full size ones, kid sized ones, and mini-fobs that clip on the purse loops, belt loops etc. Only a few of the many available can be seen here. You can see the rest on my facebook page (I'm limited on this site to how many I can show :()


***** remember to tell me which number you want, or else, I'm sending a random one ;)*****


Please note that I have ONE of each shown here, those I have duplicates of, have their own number.




Note that shipping is estimated. If there is a difference of more than $1, I will refund that amount.

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