LadyBugHugs Creations

Helping others, one hug at a time
Pamper yourself and your pets!
All while giving God ALL the Glory!

Jeremiah 29:11(NIV)

About me...

 UPDATE: I've been through a battery of tests to figure out what the heck was going on with my body, of course, no one knew. :/ Silly food allergies, Monster Migraines, Fibromyalgia, IBS and possible Celiac plus hypoglycemia make things FUN! (not). So, please be aware, if you email me, it may take a couple of days to respond, if I don't, please "nudge" me ok? What I do, what I create keeps me sane, and helps make ends meet at the end of the month (since I'm now taking weird supplements lol!) God Bless you all!

 IF you have placed an order with me, asked me something, or want to know something, I humbly ask that you PLEASE DO REMIND ME if you don't hear from me ok? I'm not trying to be rude or ignorant, just forgetful. (wait. I AM forgetful lol!) Thank you.



Sadly, I am no longer a cat owner. On Feb. 19th, my Big P (Pcan) crossed the rainbow bridge at the age of 15. On the 21st of Feb, Jazz the PITA took his last breath in my arms, and crossed the same bridge, at the age of 14. Talk about bridge toll! Jazz I am sure had cancer, he started getting sick after I used flea stuff on his (I will post the product name if I can find the box). Pcan and Jazz both were touch and go throughout December, and I think that Jazz wanted to let his dad go first. I miss my "nurses" and my babies... one day, maybe, I'll have cats again. For now, its just the Dew and I.   (for the record, February really stank this year.) 

I'm a self-representing artist, craftswoman and artisan (however you want to see it ;)

Currently on disability, I make stuff at home, dog/cat collars/leashes and apparel, dog cookies, and other items which will sold at 2-3 shows locally throughout the year.  

Ladybughugs is more than just physical stuff, I use the opportunity to try and bless as many people as possible, sometimes with just a hug, sometimes with a helping hand. There are so many needy people out there, its not funny. Sometimes, even just a smile goes a long long way!

That being said:

Please take a look in the document section, and in the 1000 Collars page. I'm looking for used hardware to make the donated collars with, and this is stuff that most people throw out!


This site, like me, changes with the wind, but one thing remains,  my dedication to give my customers, furry or not, the very best of myself, top quality goods and services, and items that will last (well, maybe not the cookies ;) . Why did I branch out into Pet stuff? Quite frankly, too many people are making jewelry, and I was getting tired of my dog (Dew) getting sick on nasty treats that made me wonder what was in them! The last straw was his getting hives and the itchies after eating a "sausage" treat, from a company that could not be bothered to reply to emails (a BIG well known company). The ensuing ear infections, and the blood and scratches, all of which happened when I was travelling with him, made me throw in the towel for store-bought goods.


UPDATE ON THE DEW! Well, after insanely stinky (OMGOSH!) and expensive antibiotics (that smell like cat spray, and apparently these are also given to humans @_@) Dew had food allergies (hey like his ma!) so, he's now on salmon and potato, with flax seed oil added to his dry kibble at night. But the lump/cyst remains on his head :( 

 So, I will use the gifts and talents that the Lord has blessed me with, I love baking, I love animals, and usually love a challenge, and I will try and come up with different cookie recipes, maybe even cupcakes and birthday cakes.


If you need a specific type of cookie (wheat free, animal protein free), let me know. Maybe I can help!



Thanks a million! and God Bless!