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Helping others, one hug at a time
Pamper yourself and your pets!
All while giving God ALL the Glory!

Jeremiah 29:11(NIV)

What's new!

Next show: Dowling Falls Fair, June 13th. I hope to see you there! 


Want to know me a bit better, check out the About us Page. Its now just Dew and I.


If you are on Facebook, you can see the entire inventory of LadyBugHugs Creations here (except the collars and cookies). Opens in a new window LadyBugHugs Fan Page

Please note that my prices have been adjusted to reflect the cost of electricity and gas... 

New products, always reinventing my creations, to offer more and better service. If you scroll down this page, you will see all the inventory I have currently (sans picture for now). 


Currently on the "new" shelf are: Plastic Bag holders, Fabric car trash bags (reversible and washable), reusable tea bags, place mats and sleep mats for pets (and humans), bib (adult bibs coming soon). 

 New cookie flavors without wheat flour (or rice or corn). Due to the insane cost of rising hydro rates, cookies will be made to order (except at shows, where I will have a few bags with me). So if you'd like to order some cookies, you can do so right here. I deliver Cartier-Sudbury (there is a $5-10 delivery fee depending where you are, or you can come pick them up. 

New this year, I also offer repairs on collars and halters. I've also made my first horse halter, and hemmed my first jeans... its coming along <3 


You can stay updated by visiting the Facebook fanpage here: 


Products and Services available

**Click on the product link on the left hand side to access products that are for sale. If you wish to order cookies, or pupcakes, please send me an email. I make them fresh, year round. 



(inventory will be updated online after shows and link will be provided)

  • Cat/Kitten or Tiny Breed dog collars - 3/8th "    $10 or 2/$20 
    • Note that ALL cat collars come with safety buckles (quick release). If you wish to have one without, please contact me.
  • All other collars and leashes ½”-1” wide, leashes $13 or 2/$25
  • Sets $25    
  • Embroidered collars are $18 (this includes name and phone number.      
  • Paracord collars (knotted) priced individually.
    • Paracord can be custom ordered. $1.50/inch. Colors available are red, royal blue, green, pink and grey. Other colors, including orange, can be ordered. All paracord in stock are reflective (for night safety.)
  • Kerchiefs – priced individually 
  • Tiny and small $3
  • Medium and Large $5
  • X-Large $8
  • Embroidery on the med-x-lg is $5 for 10 letters. 25 cents per extra letter.
    • Hunter Orange ones are now the same price as all the other kerchiefs
$5 for 10 digit phone number
$5 for first 10 characters, $.25 each character afterwards.
I've made Dew a leash that says Friendly, and a collar with our phone number and his name. Other ideas include, NO kids, NO dogs, Friendly, In training, etc.
  • Thread colors are varied, (and the color of your choice, if I don't have it, can be obtained.) Embroidery works best on cotton collars or plain webbing collars (NOT on ribboned collars.) Webbing color is also varied, and the color of your choice can be ordered. 
  • Please note that only webbing/collars 3/4" - 1" can be embroidered, my machine, which is a very good one, will not go smaller. :(
  • Other items can be embroidered, such as kerchiefs, placemats, etc.  
As always, for every collar/leash sold, one is donated to a rescue. The greatest challenge in my 1000 collars for rescues is getting funds to ship the collars out. If you or someone you know could help, even by donating $1, it would be greatly appreciated. I also collect old collars/hardware off collars to make these donated collars. I will add further info when I have more time.


  • Jingle $2
  • Fancy (animal) $3
  • Tag Keepers $3.50
  • Flashing Lights $4 (attaches to collar or lead)
  • Catnip Bags $2 - limited amount.


All baked goods can be made with rice flour, oat flour, or adapted for sensitive stomachs etc. Please email me if you would like to order. I would love to work with you for the health of your pets.

Please keep ALL baked goods in refrigerator or freezer to preserve freshness (there is NO preservatives, they WILL go moldy. Be forewarned!  These are made in my kitchen (I could probably make them in your kitchen with stuff you have right there!), and if I would not feed them to the Dew, they are not sold!  

Cookie Flavors available:

Just PnutButter, Pnut Butter Lover,   Pnut Butter Lover Supreme (double decker with pnut butter smooshed in between),  Fall Harvest Biscotti (wheat free) (available usually in the fall only, but special orders welcome), Pumpikin Spice  (once pumpkins are available), Cheese Dogs, Liver Dreams, Dehydrated Liver.

Price per bag is $4.50

Bags are sold by weight, number of cookies will vary slightly—75-80g ; (45g for the dehydrated liver)

Sizes available: 

Training Treats (perfect for tiny/small dogs)

Small—(approx 24-30 pcs) 

Medium—(approx 15-20 pcs)

Large/Supreme cookies—(approx 8-10 pcs)

 You can see most of my inventory in the Pictures album :) (on the left) 

Hot/Cold bags

Filled with flax (great as a cold compress), wheat (moist heat) or rice (dryer heat), these make the perfect gift, and every household should have one. My bags have a sleeve that can be washed. Pictures will be posted. If you'd like a themed bag, feel free to ask and I can see what can be done :)

Pocket "warmers" $3 for a set of 2

Small Square $6

Medium $10

Large $15 



Perfect for popping your lunch in it, wet swimsuit or diaper, or even if you have an accident shopping and don't want to throw your undies away... These are plain perfect :)

Panty Saver size $10

Small (grapes?) $12

Medium (sandwhich size) $15 

Large (swimsuit/diaper) $20


Plastic Bag keepers (you know, those bags that plastic grocery bags are stuffed in. I got fed up with the boring ugly one I had lol!)

Regular bag $10

Ms Bee (my own design) $13

Fabric trash bags for the car (or used as show keeper) $13

Bibs $5

Placemats for pets and people $5-8

Set of 2 $15

Ladybug PJ Keeper $15

Reusable tea bags (for those weird loose teas) $5

comes with 7 reusable tea bags, and a gift bag.

Stinky Treasure dog walking bag

Holds your poo bags (both empty and full) and clips to a belt look or coat, and has a pocket for keys or money)

small (for small breeds) $15

large (for moose breeds) $20

 KeyFobs and Key Minders $4 or 3/$10


Postcards $2

5X7" $5

8X10" $10

11X17" $15

 Originals - price will be listed next to painting.

Delivery local (Levack, Onaping) Free.

· Cartier, Dowling, Chelmsford—$5.00

· Sudbury—$10 (If its on a day I'm already going into town, it would be $5)

I ship Canada/US.  


Most of the ingredients in my cookies can be found in most kitchens. There are no preservatives, no chemicals, no junk. Only human grade, fresh, organic (when possible) foods are used. I plan on growing my own squash and other veggies with heirloom seeds next year.


Remember please to store ALL baked goodies in the fridge or freezer. They will keep in the freezer for 4-6 months, of course, the sooner they are enjoyed, the better. 

Custom orders are welcome.

To place a custom order, either for a collar, leash, cookies or pupcakes, simply send me an email, and let me know what you'd like. I'd be more than happy to work with you to make you and your furbabies happy. And please, give me time to work lol, I usually have to run into town for the fresh ingredients. 

 Cash or paypal ONLY. NO cheques, NO exception. E-transfers are most welcome.

About the cookies...

Why make and sell gourmet dog cookies? DewDrop, my dog, got very ill in 2012, after eating commercial treats. I decided there and then to make and sell top quality cookies to dog-owners who cared about the health and well-being of their fur-babies. If I would not feed these cookies to the Dew, I would not sell them to you. 

Prices subject to change without notice. ©Cynthia Pulsifer,  - (remove the .nospam for correct address, or use the "contact me" tab on the left hand side.


May the Lord bless you, and if you do not yet know Lord Jesus, Christ and Savior, I would urge you to get to know Him. I have only ONE regret at becoming a Christian, and its to not have become one sooner. God Bless! <3 Cynthia, Dew the Handsome.